Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Very Short sail route

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 Usually it is me that is screaming like a little girl, but this time it was Lisa. Note how close we got to the shore (almost a 1/2 mile!) where we would have ended up on the rocks like an Italian cruise liner. We had some waves, but nothing that serious. Lisa got nervous when we weren't moving and I noticed she had us almost in irons and no water was going over the rudder hence, no steerage. 3Sum loves playing in the bigger washer during spin cycle that Tampa Bay offers. I know Lisa is going to pay me back for these comments when I end up screaming like a little school girl.

The MLK parade was going on at the time. We need to head back out and redeem ourselves. I made Lisa buy me lunch and we went over to Frescos and I had a delicious yucatan spring roll and wifey had something else that had a cross-culturally cuisine name containing shrimp and bacon. We ate outside and looked at the two geminis for sale next to our table and noted how similar their rigging was to ours. I think we could just jump on one of those guys and take off without too much problem of fumbling any more than we already do.

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