Friday, February 17, 2012

Today's Short Sail

View 2/17/12 1:23 PM in a larger map We got to St. Pete and entered into the "No Wind and Misting" zone. We bummed around the area, went over to Progress Field and watched Northwestern lose to West Virginia 4-2 and then headed back to 3Sum - the bird feces dumping ground. That's when we heard the horn and the "No Race" flag from St. Pete Sailing come down and the NOOD fleet take off. We followed them out and ran into minor issues with a fender and a batten, but other than that, had a nice quick sail until it started raining. We dodged a couple Fox 18 beach cats that were racing and these guys were good and fast. Really fast Even more fast when they rounded the mark and through up their spinnakers. It was quite impressive to see these people racing, but hard to see these people racing with the rain and all. We headed back in time to join all our other traffic jam friends trying to eek through Tampa.

race flags

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The new Leone Ride

This is one pimped out boat!
Congrats Rose, Mark, Jen and Abby! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some chop at first, then light winds.

View 2/4/12 1:16 PM in a larger map I remember back in the day on Minnetonka when we tacked 11 times in about a 2 mile stretch to get back to the marina. On Tampa Bay, we jibed twice and tacked once the whole day. Ain't nothing beats a nice long fetch. Plus, the winds aren't so finicky.

NOOD Regatta St. Pete Feb 17-19, 2012

NOOD Information

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There probably were over 100 optimius' in a regatta that started at the St. Pete boat thing behind our slip. It was cool to see so many young sailors there.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not a big fan of google's multi-platform data sharing

I ran into a small issue with some pictures that were posted where I didn't want them, so I suppressed most, if not all, google pics. I don't like the idea that picasa, google+, google docs, google sites, blogger and all share the info. So, if I post a picasa slideshow on a website, people have access to all my pics that are linked to the one I am showing. I need to find another way. This is going to be the demise of the internet - too much info sharing without people knowing it.