Monday, August 15, 2011

Windfinder - Wind & weather forecast Ocala Airport

Windfinder - Wind & weather forecast Ocala Airport

This is a cool website.

Yakking Cedar Key with Howard and wife Carla

I met a couple online looking to buy an Adventure Island tandem and wanted to see one, so we lined up a date and met them on Saturday. Good people and we yakked out to Atsena Otie and just sailed, paddled, pedaled around for a bit. Nice day and the wind started picking up. Came home and went to bed. Next day, went to Lake Weir for a place to put 3Sum. Not any good results. I'm now scrubbing 3Sum. Lisa is working late and haven't heard from her all day today.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crystal River Yakking

Low tides now mean no way. We started out ok, left in the morning after I took care of the horses. We got to Crystal River and found a handy parking spot. We dropped the yaks and decided unhooking the trailer was a good way for jockeying the truck around. MISTAKE!!!! I MADE A MISTAKE AND I AM TRULY SORRY FOR MY SINS AND WILL BE FOREVER PUNISHED!!!

I put the lock on the trailer backwards and we couldn't get the key into the keyhole. Lisa took the truck over to Twin Rivers Marina and had them slice off an end of the key so we could get it into the hole. It worked fine.

We then rolled the yaks over to the sandy shore and pushed off. Our idea was to go up the Crystal River, but it was really hot and shallow because of the offshore wind and low tide. We yakked around the boat ramp and I started going aground. I stepped off to push myself off the oyster bed and my sandals disintegrated. So, I used my paddle to push myself back and then lost the paddle and it was sticking straight up. I circled around with the sail and picked it up and continued my way. Needless to say, Lisa reminded me on numerous occasions about my stupidity. We picked up a chunk of tuna on the way home and grilled it and did some floating in the pool.

I'm trying to convince Lisa we need to go out again tomorrow and get some decent sailing in.