Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Costa Concordia disaster

Animation of the sinking of the Cost Concordia
This is what happens when you don't buy your boat from the Tackle Shack! The Tackle Shack sales guy (below) probably sees this kinda thing hundreds of times a day! "We just throw them cruise liners away out back."
"You don't know a damn thing!"
Hobie sales rep telling this customer that "they don't know a damn thing!" We approached this guy earlier in the day at the St. Pete Boat Show in Nov 2010, and said we had water getting into the hull of our hobie adventure island. We figured we had a leaky seal since the water was not that bad. 

He asked where we bought it and we said we bought it used from a guy down in Ft. Myers. He was convinced that since we were so stupid and naive to not buy it from him, that it must be a lemon. He said our problem was that we put the drivetrain in wrong and punched a hole in the boat.  He said he sees this all the time and that we should just take it to the dump. Seriously! We basically wanted to spend money here, but he was so condescending and obnoxious, we left.

As a side note, we went to his store in the summer of 2011 and ran into him again. I casually mentioned about putting a screecher on the front of our hobie and again, the "hobies'll snap in half. Not designed for that. I see it all the time and we take em out back to the dump."

I really like hobies and they have a great product, but the people we have dealt with over the years have not been very good.

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