Sunday, April 29, 2012

Regata del Sol al Sol

Regata del Sol al Sol

Yeah, this is definitely cool. I wish we would have known about this because it would have been great to go out into the bay and watch them take off. Maybe have 3Sum dog them for awhile.

Today's sail

This big old plane buzzed us on the way to MacDill AFB. 

This knucklehead in a big powerboat with his girlfriend he was trying to impress came right at our bow and at the last minute, veered and roared away. Tampa Bay is pretty big so he had plenty of room to avoid us. What a knob. 

Not a good deal of wind. Stayed around 5-8 k. We managed to snag a crabpot and that was the big excitement. We finally added the right shackle to the mainsail and had much better sailshape. Probably are going to need to get the hull cleaned as it was pretty filthy with marine growth.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Regata del Sol al Sol | Cruising World

Sailing to the Sun in the Regata del Sol al Sol

Join CW editor Mark Pillsbury as he sails from St. Pete, Florida, to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
by Jen Brett
The Regata del Sol al Sol starts today from Florida's Tampa Bay and heads to Isla Mujeres, off of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, 456 miles away. Not one to sit behind his desk for long periods of time, CW editor Mark Pillsbury will be sailing aboard the Beneteau Sense 50Happily Ever After. Follow along at

Regata del Sol al Sol | Cruising World

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bit of a Nasty 3.4 foot short Chop with 16 k gusting to 26 knots

The racers didn't seem to mind, but it seemed their markers kept moving - or we did. We had to sail through their fleet a couple times. 

After sailing, we had Cheese WOW! Not only was it delicious on a triscuit - it was also a Great Value! TheTriscuit B*ch enjoyed this. 
Paleta Payaso gives a Thumbs UP to Cheese Wow!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Privilege has its Rewards

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This Porsche Boxter has Minnesota plates, an Obama 2012 bumpersticker and parked in a handicapped spot. Definitely someone who is good friends with an autobody shop that fixes key scratches. 

St Pete before going To Bed

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Sailing fans reel over yacht race death - 4 missing

Sailing fans reel over yacht race death - 4 missing

Comments Uh oh. That's not good.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lisa's Pics

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Picture Lisa took with her cell phone. Not the boat to the right. That is their boat. Rose is holding our token new boat/easter basket and Mark is carrying his lucky can of pineapple juice. 

the leones and their new ride

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Kind of neat seeing a picture of a cool couple on their first leg of their dream. 

Exit Only and the Buegel Anchor

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This is Exit Only, the boat that sailed around the world and is featured in Maxing Out website. Note the Buegel Anchor they wrote about on their blog. Just sitting there ripe for the taking. Had I my handy All-in-One tool, an open trunk, no one looking, and no conscience, I would have just taken it. It was just there so I guess it makes it free. But no, I didn't have any of the above, so I left it. That anchor is as pretty as any airport I have ever been to. 

a big s trimaran

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This trimaran was just down the dock from the Leone's Island Packet. I believe it is a Cross Trimaran and about 27 feet wide and 47 feet long. Some guy was living aboard it and had his hatch opened and it looked like a dorm room inside with a couch and full size regular bed and big screen TV. I wonder if he takes it out much? I think this would be a bit much to single hand but Donald Crowhurst almost sailed around the world with a tri, but his was a 40 foot, the Teignmouth Electron

the Leone boat

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sailtime Sailing Race this Weekend

Alas, we can't follow along this weekend and monitor the situation. Sailtime Regatta this weekend

Would have been fun to watch them racing as we go by them.