Monday, November 21, 2011

My gas station attendant

I went into the gas station to get a big slushie and newspaper. The guy behind the counter was on the phone waiting on the 3 customers in front of me maintaining absolutely total non-eye contact disdain for interrupting him. When he handed me my receipt to sign, again, no eye contact & severely engrossed in his non-English ranting conversation in his virtual world, I started asking him questions if he was sure the amount was right. Then, I asked how much would it cost for a lottery ticket and how fresh were the pickled eggs. I think it was the first time someone flipped me off in another language with their eyes.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 2011 sail

Total Distance: 18.15 k(20.9 mi) Total Time: 5:01:05 Moving Time: 4:03:41 Average Speed: 3.6k (4.2 mi/h) Average Moving Speed: 4.47k (5.1 mi/h) Recorded: Sun Nov 20 11:30:20 EDT 2011 Activity type: sailing

Sailing Tampa Bay


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Sailing tampa bay. beautiful day to be on the water

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lisa sailing in Tampa

We had little wind after about an hour and spun around a bit. We fired up the iron genny to compensate. Lisa did a nice job in hosing off the bird stains from the boat.

Another movie

I'm loving these block quotes in blogger.

Coming back into the slip.

a mernauco production


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This is a 1987 Irwin 68' that was a charter boat and was all over the Caribbean. It is being sold by Neptune Towing and is located in the St. Pete Marina. Someone is writing a book about it. Here is the info from website:

LANDLUBBERS "PERFECT STORM"The true story of Drumbeat II,  a long journey of scams, fraud and 33 months of  Neptune's legal battles.
 10 Years of never-ending log of victims, interviews, newspapers articles, pictures and court documents.

The 68' IRWIN Sailing Yacht named DRUMBEAT II, her previous owner Marcia Trinette Turner-Workman,
 the husband Dennis D. Workman and the caretaker Steven D. Huffman.

coming back to slip

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View Tampa Bay Sailing in a larger map

Going Sailing tomorrow

Hoping we don't have to deal with the traffic too much for the Bucs game. Have to drive right by the stadium. Should be a good day of sailing. Note to self - get fuel.

Friday, November 11, 2011

waiting at airport for Lisa to show up

She just called and said they were leaving. That was 25 minutes ago.
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Just a clarification - we met at the airport for lunch and I was waiting in their little cafeteria and this plane was parked outside. No, Lisa wasn't on this plane.