Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Potential Buyer - Not.

Last week, I had someone who was interested in buying 3SUM. He found her on an old post we had out there several years ago. He came down from up north to look at her and go over her while she was on the hard (in our back yard). I spent a couple  hours  showing her and how she worked, and he wanted to take her out for a sail. I don’t blame him for wanting to see how she handles, but our lives have been quite busy with taking care of our aging parents and we have little time for anything else let alone taking her out for a sail. After he left, I could see he wasn’t interested in the Telstar which was fine by me. I have been cleaning and fixing her off and on for a couple months and I keep thinking what would be the boat I would replace her with. Aside from maybe a Gemini, I couldn’t think of one. I don’t want a monohull and have to deal with the heeling and slow speed and not having the maneuverabilty of the Telstar. I feel quite safe on her and I just like the way she sails and doesn’t do anything stupid. There are some modifications I would like to make like that back stay getting hit by the mainsail, the genoa getting stuck coming across during a tack, the tiller post not feeling as crisp as she could. Also, the motor not running like it should because of a few bozos down in St. Pete that worked on her and charged us a premium price for work done by a shadetree mechanic.

If we did sell her, what would we get to replace her that is comparable? I don’t know. A dragonfly is a couple hundred grand and the Corsair is more like a beachcat and quite a bit more expensive. You really can’t overnight in comfort on a Corsair. What other decent multihull is out there that is trailerable, has living quarters and is under $100k? I can't think of any.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3SUM landlocked

We brought 3SUM home last month and had some issues with the motor and the boatyard charges for said repairs. We picked it up and about died of heat stroke getting everything stowed away and hauling it home with 100+ heat index on blacktop and getting everything stowed away. Needless to say, we were whipped when we got home. The problem is that 3SUM was down in St. Pete, which is about 2 hours away, and when you forget a vital component, it motivates your improvisation skills. I forgot the supporting bolts for the trailer and they are somewhere in the house, but we had all but 1 spare which the Admiral made up for with a block of scrap wood and duct tape.

This week, I am removing her boat decals since they are severely faded. I have tried using other West Marine products that were quite a bit more expensive than WD40, but went back to WD40 and a heat gun and an ice scraper compliments of our old Allstate Insurance agent up in Minneapolis. Quite a simple process:
  1. Douse with WD40
  2. Heat to the point where you can't quite touch the boat.
  3. Scrape and try to get an edge.
  4. Repeat. Again and again.
  5. I used Goof Off to get rid of the residue.