Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm only posting this pic because of the nuts

This picture is from the slapdash blog. They are Canadians sailing a Gemini Catamaran around the world. Someone should tell the Canadians that here in our country, we need to put oil in the gas for chainsaws!
I think these are the nuts and bolts that go to the grabrail. 3Sum has some mighty fine sh*tty screws that immediately popped out when we grabbed the rail. Lisa and I have debated about how to fix it. I want to do it right, but we probably will do it Lisa's way - that is, no holes in the boat! My Mighty Putty patchwork from this summer didn't work so hot. The latenight infomercial convinced me that it was a good product and would do a great job in holding the screws in place. 

Note the Canadian drill that I'm sure doesn't need oil in the gas. This offhanded, non boat-related rant started with me lending  my good Stihl chainsaw to a passing Canadian a couple years ago. He thought it was a Canadian chainsaw and they don't put oil in their gas up there, or so he told me.  My chainsaw that I was going to pass down to my heirs got shredded no thanks to Canada!

If you ever wake up one day and realize you are a Canadian and you stop by my place to borrow my chainsaw, you will get a severe and VERY stern disturbing glance tossed in your general direction and I will probably hurl a guttural racist remark like, "go back to your toquewearing, Moosehead beer drinking, back-bacon eating, chocolate milk drinking country and learn to speak English!" Come to think of, nothing ever good came out of Canada except for Rush, Martin Short, John Candy, Alex Trebek, Pamela Anderson, Canada Dry, back bacon, all Molson products, and that arm thing that was on the space shuttle. That arm thing was cool and wish they had one for home use. It would be quite practical when you are sitting on the couch wanting a beer or some backbacon from the fridge, you pic up your TV remote, hit the big "Canadian Arm Getting Device" button and the Canadian Arm Getting device would get it for you. 
Nowhere in this picture does it state the arm requires oil.

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