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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lake Pepin Sailing with the Leones

Jen, Sean and Abbe trying out for the 3M Masking tape catalog commercial. 
s/v Fender Dude sailing
Sean is in his Sammy Davis mode. Where's all the cats with the Manischewitz, man?

Captain Mark Bligh pressing his crew into service to no avail.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

This is the start of our strange sailing adventure

The Force 5. Lisa bought this for our anniversary in 2005. It was soon replaced by the Hobie Getaway and then the Telstar Trimaran. This picture was captured on a lake in Elk River, MN when we lived up in that area.

Our friend, Darrin Rasmussen dubbed it Feces Lake because of the high bacterial count. As he put it, "they found so much feces in that lake, they quit counting." I'm just wondering how that conversation sounded.

"Man, Bill. I've never seen so much feces in one lake. Should we keep counting?"
"Nah. There's just too much feces to count. Just quit countin"."
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