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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Windy in St. Pete

We went down to St. Pete today and checked on 3Sum. She was holding her own and was bouncing around a bit as the wind was about 25 when we got there and then climbed up to 35+. We watched a sailboat go out and thought, uh oh, too much sail. It appeared their jib got blown out and then it looked like something happened to their main. They finally got their sails down and headed back into the marina. I think the wife gave the husband an earful. I don't know why you would go out in a wind like that where it was almost impossible to stand. I'm sure Lisa's old sales rep, Gene, would have gone out in that kind of wind because he once told me it isn't fun until it is about 45 or 50 mph and then the racing begins. We took off for about an hour and went to the St. Pete beaches and were close to running out of gas. Lesson learned: there are very FEW gas stations in St. Pete!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sailing with Sharks and Snakes

We had quite the adventure Saturday July 10, and took our small kayak out to Cedar Key. They have an island with a lighthouse that is about 3 miles out and they only open it up twice a year, so we thought it might be fun to see it. The weather was overcast when we headed out and it took quite a while to get there. We decided to abort the lighthouse since it was getting late,we were getting tired, so we got off on the east side to relieve ourselves. As we pulled up into this really shallow water, Lisa swears she saw a shark fin and I'm thinking that couldn't be since the water was about 6 inches deep. The tide was almost all the way out so the water is really shallow. We headed back and kept getting stuck in this grass and the water being really shallow, and we kept seeing all these shark fins - little sharks about 1 or 2 feet long. They started circling, so Lisa hit one with the paddle. 

Anyway, we got the h3ll out of there since small sharks make both of us a bit nervous. I had to tow the boat for about 100 yards since the water was only about a foot deep. We loaded up and went home. Lisa did some research and apparently, we went through this area where baby sharks hang out until they get big enough not to get eaten by the bigger ones. Then, the island, Seahorse Key, has a huge population of cottonmouth snakes and there we were with our parts exposed relieving ourselves. Guess we will not be doing that again.