Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ok, I fixed it

I finally got around to fixing the throttle handle that came loose earlier when we were docking and had wind on our behind. Docking it was a bit tricky as I tried to keep the handle engaged. Looks like the screw in the handle on the backside came loose. A 5 minute repair (quite shorter for a competent person).

The rube rats a few boats down thought it was pretty funny that we had trouble getting into our slip while slamming down their Miller Lites (I suppose to keep under that 300 lb mark). The admiral was on the bow and made a comment as we were going in, "well at least we aren't afraid to go out when the wind gets above   5 knots."

I think Lee and I are going to have to double team and remove those huge nail that are sticking out of the bollards. What a stupid place for them! I need to do some line maintenance and fenderboarding to make tying up 3SUM easier.

Finished up and went to Publix to get some food and water and when I came back, 7 of St. Pete's finest squad cars were there. Some type of domestic on one of the boats as I came up. Thank God we didn'thave to put up with Disco Stu and his all night jam session from the apartment building 5 blocks away! "Woop woop. Give it up for duh Man! Who wants to PAHHH-TAAYY!!!! Give it up foe mah Man -

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