Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New slip neighbor I deemed Popeye

I stayed on the boat last night and met an interesting captain who piloted a boat down from Yankeetown. Talked with him for quite some time and he had some interesting tales that topped mine (I mentioned the time I almost did an accidental jibe!). He has ferried a number of boats from the Caribbean and told me the ins and outs of some of his experiences.

He said he came in on the weekend and on Saturday, it was pretty rough and there was an ambulance waiting onshore for one of the NOOD Regatta crew members. I guess it got ugly out there and they had a couple of boats capsized. Glad I didn't go out with my visitors from South Dakota as I think that would have been trouble especially without having the Admiral laid up with her bad leg.

 I'll be back there tomorrow and hopefully will talk with him some more because these type of individuals are far and few between in today's culture.

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