Friday, April 24, 2015

Sailboat That Beached Twice in O.C. Sends 'Mayday' Off Cape May

Beached sailboat in Ocean City, NJ

The Florida-bound sailboat that ran aground twice on the same relatively calm day in Ocean City on April 14 set sail this morning (April 23) after more than a week at dock for repairs.
The “Midpoint” out of Savannah, Ga., made it as far as Cape May before issuing a “Mayday” call. The boat was taking on water.
A U.S. Coast Guard Station Cape May boat responded at 4:38 p.m. and found the Midpoint still afloat and the captain and his female passenger uninjured. A tow from a commercial service back to Cape May was still in progress early on Thursday evening.
Ocean City residents had awoken on the morning of April 14 to find the Midpoint high and dry on the beach at 21st Street.
TowBoat U.S. Shamrock Marine Towing Capt. John C. Bodin said his crew towed the boat off the beach at 19th Street at midnight. The captain reportedly was trying to fix a faulty steering cable. He drifted back onto the beach two blocks to the south.
The two-person crew hunkered down inside the boat for most of the day as they awaited for high tide and another assist from TowBoat U.S.
A TowBoat U.S.  crew successfully pulled the boat off the beach at about 4:35 p.m. April 14.
The Midpoint headed for Seaview Harbor to dry out and make repairs before continuing its journey.
Sailboat That Beached Twice in O.C. Sends 'Mayday' Off Cape May

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