Thursday, November 20, 2014

3SUM on the Hard and getting her bottom scraped and painted.

3SUMs bigger sister - a Gemini Legacy. 

The seas were angry that day my friends!

Crew member

Coppers nabbed a boat. 

I got Tony, the guy a couple boats down from me, his son and his son's friend to sail over to Sailor's Wharf. It could not have been a much crappier and colder day. Gusty winds and a washing machine like bay. We dropped sails and fired up the motor to get into Sailor's Wharf, only to have the engine constantly overheat right in front of the coast guard. Great. And me with the old numbers on from a few years ago since I was able to only peel down a couple of the tags. Anyway, got it there and they need extra $$$$ because of all the barnacles. I wish there was a better way of not having such a buildup of barnacles.

So, 3SUM is getting her bottom done, going to polish her up really nice, clean the sails and get the motor running. She sailed ok when we were out in the bay, but really needed to have her sails better trimmed, but I was working with a crew that had never sailed a multihull like 3SUM.

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