Saturday, May 25, 2013

Painting down below

We’ve been doing tons of work lately on our Irwin 32. I just finished painting the cabinets with Interlux Bilgekote paint and need advice on whether to paint the wooden drawers, as they still kind of smell like the boat did years ago when it was badly neglected. You know the odor—diesel fuel, oil and old head hoses. The drawers have never been painted before and are made of plywood. What kind of paint should we use?

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  1. Cap'm Fixit says,

    Good Lord, what are you nuts with this utterly wasteful question? I have a mind to hunt you down, find your prissy little boat that is on the hard and kick out the jackstands. Wasting Cap'm Fixit's time like this!

    Look, paint your drawers the same color as your skivies so they match. You probably don't get out on the water much let alone do some real manly sailing. Here's what you do with your stupid drawers - duct tape them. Now shut up and go back to watching the Khardashians on your DVR, you pantywaist. I have half a mind to come over to your little rat-infested hovel you call home, flick your ear, and cut the lace off your panties!