Monday, March 18, 2013

Raucous Night on the Bay

Our next door slip neighbor and his family moved last month to another pier and we had a transit boat next door. Now, that boat is gone and am getting buffeted around a bit by this southeaseterly wind and no boat to block the wind. 3SUM is a pretty solid boat so it moves due to its lightness, but because of its extra hulls, is  pretty rock solid.

We had some people from up north want to have a looksie at 3SUM because they were interested in a Telstar and I said I would show them it as we might want to move up to a larger boat (her sister ship, Gemini). They came, drank my beer and one of the parting remarks was they heard it was comparable to a MacGregor. ??? A MacGregor is a monohull with huge freeboard, 75 plus motor and is more of a motorboat/sailboat. It would have been nice to have them say thanks or send a card thanking me for being kind enough to go out of my way to get them a parking permit and a few drinks and show them around, but nothing. When did people become so rude? No manners it seems.

They might have been upset since I would not take them out since it was pretty rough (gusts up to 28 and serious chop/swell. Plus, NOOD had a big regatta and a couple boats were towed in and had snapped masts and an ambulance took one of the sailors away. I didn't feel good about going out with people I don't know on my boat without my usual crew (the Admirial). Sorry, but I'm responsible and I make those decisions and I feel that was the only decision.

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