Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jane and Connie the Volunteer

Jane all keyed up. CTV is convinced Jane should not be in such a "crowded marketplace." Like we were in a faraway marketplace in crowded Tangier. 
We took Jane with us to go sailing and found no wind, so we decided to get something to eat across the street at the street market set up in the Progress Energy Ballpark's parking lot. We got there when the vendors started to put away their stylish ashtray and antler hats they had carefully crafted. As we were heading out, Connie the Volunteer (CTV) consulted Lisa on dog behavior and was really quite concerned about Jane's mental well-being in this "crowded" marketplace with well over 50 people in a 1 block radius parking lot. Jane just wanted to lick some sweaty legs and maybe eat some kid's fallen ice cream on the ground. Lisa basically told Connie the Volunteer (CTV) to walk away and seek some more psychological medication. CTV then decided I would be more understanding and listen to her concerns about Jane. She talked at me in a concerned, and quiet voice while lightly brushing my arm in a concerned pat about her concerns over Jane. Jane, all the while was just walking away from CTV and just wagging her tail while checking out all the neat mental and smell stimulations. I thought CTV was joking at first and played along with her until I realized CTV's glazed look indicated she clearly had been a heavy user of chlorpromazine and we needed to get out of there quickly before the powerful antipsychotic medication wore off CTV.

One other bit of weirdness in this general area - as we were drving down this 30 mph street doing about 18, a guy steps out between a couple cars with little kids in tote and yells at us for speeding near the "crowded marketplace." I surmise this freakish behavior is caused by leaks coming from the Salvador Dali Museum a block away.

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