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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Strictly Sail, St. Pete, FL Nov 2006

We put away our Hobie and had Gambler, our old quarterhorse, tow it into a barn around Oct. 2006. We decided to go to the St. Pete Strictly Sail Boat show and look at big cruising boats and were intrigued by the Gemini Catamaran. We hadn't even given a thought to the Telstar and didn't even look at it. In fact, I remember poo pooing it when Lisa mentioned we should give it a looksie. On the plane ride home a week later, I was looking at Sail magazine and realized that it was trailerable. That meant we could easily set it up and launch it in 5 or 10 minutes just like our Hobie! (We found out quite quickly that just is not the case).

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

This is the start of our strange sailing adventure

The Force 5. Lisa bought this for our anniversary in 2005. It was soon replaced by the Hobie Getaway and then the Telstar Trimaran. This picture was captured on a lake in Elk River, MN when we lived up in that area.

Our friend, Darrin Rasmussen dubbed it Feces Lake because of the high bacterial count. As he put it, "they found so much feces in that lake, they quit counting." I'm just wondering how that conversation sounded.

"Man, Bill. I've never seen so much feces in one lake. Should we keep counting?"
"Nah. There's just too much feces to count. Just quit countin"."
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