Telstar Manuals
Telstar and other Videos

Centerboard Replacement

Telstar 28 - Centerboard Assembly and Replacement from Will Hershfeld on Vimeo.

Demonstration of the Gemini Genoa
Sail Magazine Story on Tony Smith and his tricked out Telstar

Coast Guard Safety Stuff
US Coast Guard Chart No. 1
United States Coast Guard Required Items on All Vessels

Other Related Sailing Stuff
Wind Information - Direction explanation and whatnot
St. Pete Sailing Assoc website
     SPSA (St. Pete Saling Assoc) Race Courses
Sailing a Gemini from St. Pete to Ft. Lauderdale
Capn Jack and Using a VHF Radio
Sailiing Magazine 1 page VHF User Guide

Telstar Websites
Telstar Owners Forum
Tony Smith's Small Boat
Same Tony Smith article
Sail Magazine article
Cruising World Article

Dan Kim's Adrift at Sea
Kathy And Steve's Telstar Blog
Paul Lutus ebook about Sailing around the world -This is the guy who wrote the AppleWriter word processor application. Quite an interesting guy and sailor. 

Gemini Catamaran (Sister ship to TelstarTrimaran)